The Importance and Value of Calculators in Schools

With constant advancement in technology there is no doubt, the need to keep up with the dynamics as well as involving technology in every intrinsic part of society. Not doing so can leave a community or nation at large at the mercy of the developed worlds. The simple calculator finds its invention nearly fifty years ago, growing from the simple Abacus, to the basic digital calculator that can perform simple four-function operations (addition, division, multiplication and subtraction) to the more sophisticated machine capable of executing highly technical algebraic symbolic manipulations at high accuracy and speed. The calculator comes in various types, models, sizes and design to fit various budget and user’s preference, very portable and has found its way into various institution including schools.

But what does this mean for learning institutions?

There is this controversial belief that calculators introduced in schools is somewhat detrimental to the student’s academic health. Some math teachers claimed it makes student lazy and lack number fluency and curiosity about the working principles of numbers. But this is only true when calculators are introduced in the elementary stage of education, where proper foundation of math principles, simple arithmetic calculations are required. In fact, calculators play major roles in school settings.

Mathematics students and mathematics dependent courses like Engineering, Accounting etc. use math as a tool in various ways, in solving complex problems, requiring large data and statistics which would be too cumbersome to tackle, will take so much time and various sequential steps that require high level of carefulness. The calculator not only motivates them to tackle complex problems, but also, saves them tangible time at high accuracy. It also helps students to appreciate the usefulness of technology.

During examinations, where the student’s knowledge is tested on a specific subject, with technical questions, the calculator lends a helping hand in providing diverse methods or approach in dealing with them. Research, being a tool in data acquisition, either in form of statistical tables, or graphs, there exist a range of calculators like the graphical calculator and printer calculator that can easily give you feedback on site or field, making research and field work less strenuous, frustrating and saves you time before your deadline for certain school projects. Other forms of calculators exist, like the GP calculator which helps the students and school management keep track of students performance. The calculator can be portable, it can be easily carried anywhere, so whether it’s to check daily expenses to stay in budget, to determine facts in an argument between friends, designing or modeling a piece of invention, a calculator is an essential in learning institutions. Nickzom Calculator is one of the best calculators.

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