The Effect of Calculators in a Professional Workplace

As a Professional, be it in Mathematics, Engineering, Medicine, Physics or any other career path, there is indeed the need to use various tools or technology in your field to achieve high end results. Sometimes these technologies are seen to produce positive results. Other times, it seems to have adverse effects

When dealing with advanced Mathematical problems, or trying to prove mathematical theorems, lots of research work, mundane steps, and records of theses findings, must be put into consideration. For example a mathematician or physicist will have to understand some programming languages, like python, Matlab etc. to compute equations and generate graphical representation to back up proof of their findings, experiments or research work, in a means to describe in terms of numbers and figures for example, the rate at which an action occurs (like the force of gravity pulling a falling stone at 9.8m/sec^2). It might also be required as a guide in helping publish a professional work or findings to other professionals in the field.

In academic work, a lecturer or Professor will deal with data, like in grading students’ lab reports, a setup of data tables in Excel spreadsheets for each lab keeps things simple and convenient. If symbolic calculations, matrices, differential equations, integrals, math animation, or such like are treated, an application like LiveMath from MathMonkeys LLC would do great. In teaching various engineering topics, the Nickzom Calculator gives a lovely approach in understanding certain theorems and how it could be applied. These software packages and calculator apps can be recommended by professionals handling certain courses to their students as an additional tool to simplify learning. On the go projects require quick results and response, like conversion of various SI units which you might not be very familiar with, or measurement of the areas and perimeters of complex morbid structures and the likes, which calculations on pen and paper will take longer to achieve.

In the medical field, health monitors and calculators has helped Doctors to keep an eye on their patients, especially patients that are prone to traveling. Even as a patient, such tools helps keep track of your health level while having a very busy schedule at work, there are health apps that calculate the nutrition content of your food intake, heart rate during exercise, keeps track of pregnancy and lots more. Although, there pose the risk of over dependency of patients on these technologies rather than going for regular checks and visits to hospitals, but proper education by physicians, could help curb this mind set.

Financial Calculators or software packages are largely used by Accountants, Finance Institutions or Finance Management Firms. They create algorithms to store customer’s data and keep track of cash in-flow and expenditures. This also helps in simultaneously computing information for numerous customers at high speed. There are also automated calculator systems in various workplace that calculate your wage per your work time, these also reduces the workforce in staffing though a demerit to employees, an advantage to employers.

In essence calculators in a professional workplace is advantageous, it is a technology that complements labour, be it in manpower or brain work activities having studied its usefulness and need in making complex situations easy.

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