The Importance of STEM (Science, Technological, Engineering and Mathematics) in Nigeria

Every new development, be it positive or negative has its importance and disadvantages as well. Its importance gives it a penetration advantage to be valued and appreciated in spite of its disadvantages. Just like the reality of sickness created opportunities for doctors to be valued and appreciated in their sphere of influence for saving lives, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have not done any less. Not only does it create opportunities, it also suggests ways those opportunities can be harnessed.


In our present age of growing advancement, the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) cannot be overemphasized as its relevance finds expression in our day to day activities as humans ranging from the alarm clocks that greet us in the morning, the alarm bells that alerts us of a visitor, the automobiles that convey us to our places of work and the stair lifts that finally lands us on the floor of our offices. Its importance is not only appreciated in the industries, roads and all other obvious infrastructure where it is easily spotted but has also been domesticated such that some equipment used in the preparation of sumptuous meals owe its allegiance to them.

Science in its approach of making researches, propounding theories and establishing laws guiding the existence of certain possibilities resident in some discoveries has ushered technology down its hallway making it easier for those benefits to be enjoyed with the aid of several automations.


Engineering, interwoven with mathematics serves its own specific purpose not just in the present as their endless possibilities are being unleashed with the fleeting of time. Judging with the ease with which communication is sustained and the swiftness that accompanies transportation, one cannot but appreciate the growing benefits of the advancement of engineering.


The pliable roads constructed, the durable bridges built, the art of navigation on the sea, the successful suspension of air craft at a great altitude wouldn’t have been possible or at the very least progressed with the passing of time if STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) was relegated to the background and investment in that regard thought of as a mere waste of resources.

Having highlighted few points on the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), it wouldn’t be complete if the ease in the circulation of information across the globe and the intensity of the strength of communication is not recognized owing to the fact that communication cements human relationship and information is power.


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