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Last Updated on February 5, 2024

Nickzom Calculator+ is a 100% all in one package that solves over 32,000 calculations and shows the steps of the calculations. One of the sections it handles is Mathematics.
Nickzom Calculator+ solves over 15,500+ calculations in Mathematics and shows the steps, formulas, parameters and answer accurately and comprehensively.

Nickzom Calculator+ handles the following major chapters of Mathematics:

– Algebraic Identities
– Arithmetic Progression
– Binomial Series
– Complex Numbers
– Compound Interest
– Cosine Rule
– Decimal Places
– Factorial
– Fractions
– Geometric Progression
– Indices
– Latitude and Longitude
– Linear Equation
– Logarithm
– Matrices
– Mensuration
– Partial Fraction
– Percentage
– Permutation and Combination
– Pre – Algebra
– Prime Numbers
– Probability
– Polynomials
– Pythagoras Theorem
– Quadratic Equation
– Ratio
– Significant Figures’
– Simple Interest
– Simultaneous Equation
– Sine Rule
– Surd Operations
– Statistics
– Vectors
– Tangent Rule
– Engineering Mathematics
– Calculus
– Laplace Theorem
– Linear Algebra
– Linear Programming
– Ordinary Differential Equation

Within these major topics there are sub topics right up to selections of the various parameters you desire to find.

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