Nickzom Calculator Calculates the Logarithmic Mean Radius in Heat Transfer of Chemical Engineering

Heat Transfer is one of the major courses every Chemical Engineering student or professional faces at one point in life. There are various sections of heat transfer but for the purpose of this post. Our primary focus is to show you how Nickzom Calculator solves Logarithmic Mean Radius.

To get the answer for Logarithmic Mean Radius in Heat Transfer is very simple and one requires only two parameters which are:

  • Outside Radius of the Cylinder
  • Inside Radius of the Cylinder

Without Further Ado, let me proceed, click on the Calculator Map on Nickzom Calculator+ (Professional Version) – The Calculator Encyclopedia

Clicking on Chemical under Engineering, displays 3 major topics that can be handled by Nickzom Calculator in Chemical Engineering which are:

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Mass Transfer

Click on Heat Transfer, a display of parameters that can be solved by Nickzom Calculator is all listed out for you. Now scroll down and look for Logarithmic Mean Radius and click on it.

A display of a page or activity with the required parameters and an input box for you to enter the accurate values is displayed.

Now, enter the values accurately for the respective parameters

Finally, click on Calculate, to display the result with the formula, parameters, steps (workings) and answer.

One can access Nickzom Calculator+ (Professional Version) – The Calculator Encyclopedia via any of these channels:

Web –

Android (Paid) –

Apple (Paid) –

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