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According to Wikipedia,

The warp is the set of yarns or other elements stretched in place on a loom before the weft is introduced during the weaving process. It is regarded as the longitudinal set in a finished fabric with two or more sets of elements.

The term is also used for a set of yarns established before the interworking of weft yarns by some other method, such as finger manipulation, yielding wrapped or twined structures. Very simple looms use a spiral warp, in which the warp is made up of a single, very long yarn wound in a spiral pattern around a pair of sticks or beams.

Just like Weft, Warp is a basic component used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric. The longitudinal warp yarns are held stationary in tension on a frame or loom. A pick is a single thread of the weft crossing the warp. Each individual warp thread in a fabric is called a warp end or end.

I am pleased to inform you that Nickzom Calculator is able to relieve you off the stress of calculating warp weight in kilogram. In a matter of seconds you can find the warp weight with the knowledge of these 3 parameters:

  • Total Ends
  • Total Length in m
  • Warp Count

As always visit the Calculator Map

Then, scroll down to the engineering section and click on Polymer & Textile

Over 200 parameters on Polymer and Textile Engineering that can be solve by Nickzom Calculator is shown to you. Please, scroll down to Warp Weight (Kg) and click on it.

This would showcase the parameters you need to insert their values

As always insert the accurate values appropriately for each parameter. Lastly click on Calculate to obtain the warp weight in Kilograms.


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