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Last Updated on October 1, 2021

The image above represents potential between atoms.

To compute for potential between atoms, three essential parameters are needed and these parameters are Separation Distance of Atoms (δ), Radius of Atoms (r) and Energy Parameter (ε).

The formula for calculating potential between atoms:

φ(r) = 4ε[(δ/r)12 – (δ/r)6]


φ(r) = Potential between Atoms
δ = Separation Distance of Atoms
r = Radius of Atoms
ε = Energy Parameter

Let’s solve an example;
Find the potential between atoms when the separation distance of atoms is 14, the radius of atoms is 18 and the energy parameter is 22.

This implies that;

δ = Separation Distance of Atoms = 14
r = Radius of Atoms = 18
ε = Energy Parameter = 22

φ(r) = 4ε[(δ/r)12 – (δ/r)6]
φ(r) = 4(22)[(14/18)12 – (14/18)6]
φ(r) = 4(22)[(0.77)12 – (0.77)6]
φ(r) = 88[0.049 – 0.22]
φ(r) = 88[-0.172]
φ(r) = -15.168

Therefore, the potential between atoms is -15.168 V.

Nickzom Calculator – The Calculator Encyclopedia is capable of calculating the potential between atoms.

To get the answer and workings of the potential between atoms using the Nickzom Calculator – The Calculator Encyclopedia. First, you need to obtain the app.

You can get this app via any of these means:

Web –

To get access to the professional version via web, you need to register and subscribe to have utter access to all functionalities.
You can also try the demo version via

Android (Paid) –
Android (Free) –

Apple (Paid) –
Once, you have obtained the calculator encyclopedia app, proceed to the Calculator Map, then click on Materials and Metallurgical under Engineering.

Now, Click on Transport Phenomena under Materials and Metallurgical

Now, Click on Potential Between Atoms under Transport Phenomena

The screenshot below displays the page or activity to enter your values, to get the answer for the potential between atoms according to the respective parameter which is the Separation Distance of Atoms (δ), Radius of Atoms (r) and Energy Parameter (ε).

Now, enter the values appropriately and accordingly for the parameters as required by the Separation Distance of Atoms (δ) is 14, Radius of Atoms (r) is 18 and Energy Parameter (ε) is 22.

Finally, Click on Calculate

As you can see from the screenshot above, Nickzom Calculator– The Calculator Encyclopedia solves for the potential between atoms and presents the formula, workings and steps too.

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