How to Calculate the Mechanical Advantage of a Machine (Physics)

Mechanical advantage is a very important parameter of machines and is considered a lever problem.

Mechanical advantage is the ratio of load to effort.

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For Example: Let’s calculate mechanical advantage of a machine when the load is 200 N and the effort is 120 N.

Mechanical Advantage = Load / Effort

Load = 200 N

Effort = 120 N

Mechanical Advantage = 200 / 120 = 1.6667

Therefore, the mechanical advantage of the machine is 1.6667.

Let me show you how Nickzom Calculator solves the mechanical advantage of a machine and displays the steps too.

First and Foremost, proceed to the Calculator Map. Then, click on Machines under Physics.

Now, click on Mechanical Advantage in the Machines Page

An interface for you to enter the values of Load and Effort accordingly is displayed for you.

Enter the appropriate values

Lastly, click on Calculate

The result of the calculation alongside the formula, parameter, steps and answer is displayed for you.

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