How to Calculate and Solve for Mobility of an Ionic Specie | Electrical Properties

The image of mobility of an ionic specie is shown below.

To compute for mobility of an ionic specie, five essential parameters are needed and these parameters are Valence (nI), Electrical Charge (e), Diffusion Coefficient (DI), Boltzmann’s Constant (K) and Temperature (T).

The formula for calculating the mobility of an ionic specie:

μI = nIeDI/KT


μI = Mobility of an Ionic Specie
nI = Valence
e = Electrical Charge
DI = Diffusion Coefficient
K = Boltzmann’s Constant
T = Temperature

Let’s solve an example;
Find the mobility of an ionic specie when the valence is 18, the electrical charge is 9, the diffusion coefficient is 12, the boltzmann’s constant is 6 and the temperature is 3.

This implies that;

nI = Valence = 18
e = Electrical Charge = 9
DI = Diffusion Coefficient = 12
K = Boltzmann’s Constant = 6
T = Temperature = 3

μI = nIeDI/KT
μI = (18)(9)(12)/(6)(3)
μI = 1944/18
μI = 108

Therefore, the mobility of an ionic specie is 108 m²/(V. s).

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