How to Calculate Accounting Rate of Return, Average Capital Invested, Internal Rate of Return, Probability Index and Time Value of Money for Capital Investment Decision

For every Accountant out there, Nickzom Calculator (The Calculator Encyclopedia) can help you get answers to calculations in accounting that can influence your capital investment decisions.

The primary capital investment decisions are:

  • Accounting Rate of Return
  • Average Capital Invested
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Probability Index
  • Time Value of Money

As an accountant presenting a report to a firm or for research purposes in a means to influence the decision for capital investment. A proper knowledge and accurate result of the calculations would factor in majorly.

You might be wondering how can I get this Nickzom Calculator and access this functionality?

You can access Nickzom Calculator via any of these means:
Web –
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Once you have got the software, proceed to the Calculator Map, then click on Accounting under the Add-On section.

Then, click on Capital Investment Decision in the Accounting category.

Clicking on Capital Investment Decision would result to this page.

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