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State five element of data, that can be categories as quantitative and qualitative
data types each, while stating the method (x) adapted in acquiring a data stated
and also states the soiurces of these data.

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Brain Work Mathematics

Pls help out

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What is the magnitude of electrostatic force of attraction between alpha-particles
and an electron 10^-13m apart.

asked 2 weeks ago    


First we obtain the quantity of charge of alpha particles and electron

The charge of alpha particle is 2 x charge of proton
The charge of proton is 1.602e-19
Therefore, the charge of alpha particle is 3.204e-19

The magnitude of the charge of electron is 1.602e-19

Now the radius or distance apart is 1e-13

Note: e stands for 10 raised to the power

Using Nickzom Calculator - https://ni.ckzom/408

We input the values

The formula for this operation is:
F = (kq₁q₂)/r²
F = Electric Force
q₁ = Charge 1
q₂ = charge 2
r = radius
k = Constant of proportionality (1/4πe₀) = 9.0 x 10⁹ (9E9)

You entered 3.204e-19 as Q1.

You entered 1.602e-19 as Q2.

You entered 1e-13 as the radius.


F = (9.0 x 10⁹ x 3.204e-19 x 1.602e-19) / (1e-13²)

F = (4.619527199999999e-28) / 1e-26

F = 0.046195271999999996

Your answer is 0.046195271999999996

Dear User, remember to add the specified unit.

For Example: Your answer is 0.046195271999999996 Newton(N).

- See more at: https://ni.ckzom/408

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answered 2 weeks ago    



A stone is dropped into a well and a splash is heard after 2.6s.calculate the depth
of the well.
Velocity of the sound=334m/s

asked 2 weeks ago    


Depth of the well = vt
v = velocity of the sound = 334 m/s
t = time = 2.6 s

Depth of the well = 334(2.6) m
= 868.4 m

Therefore, the depth of the well is 868.4 m

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But i had a different ans and also the ans on the text is stil different

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Given a right pyramid of hieght 14cm and slant sides 16cm and base dimension of 6cm
and 8cm calculate.
i) The surface Area of the pyramid
ii) The total surface area
iii) If the water inside is pour into a cubic tank of side 6cm. What is the level
of the water in tank.

asked 2 weeks ago    


Lateral surface area of the pyramid = 0.5pl

p = perimeter of the base
l = slant height

p = 2(l + w)
p = 2(6 + 8)
p = 2(14)
p = 28 cm

l = 16 cm

Lateral Surface Area of the pyramid = 0.5(28)(16)

= 224 cm squared

To find the total surface area of the pyramid

Total Surface Area of the pyramid = Lateral Surface Area + Area of the Base

Area of the Base = (6)(8)
= 48 cm squared

Total Surface Area of the Pyramid = (224 + 48) cm squared

= 272 cm squared.

For the last question, we would first of all find the volume of the pyramid and
equate it to the volume of the cubic tank of side 6 cm.

V = lwh / 3
l = base length = 6 cm
w = base width = 8 cm
h = height = 14 cm

V = (6)(8)(14) / 3
V = 672 / 3
V = 224 cubic centimeters

Now to find the level of the water in the tank
lwh = 224
l = 6 cm
w = 6 cm

(6)(6)h = 224
Making h the subject of the formula

h = 224 / (6)(6)
h = 224 / 36
h = 6.22222 cm

So, the level of water in the tank is 6.22222 cm.

See Also https://ni.ckzom/548

answered 2 weeks ago