The Calculator For Materials/Metallurgical Engineering

Nickzom Calculator+ is a 100% all in one package that solves over 32,000 calculations and shows the steps of the calculations. One of the sections it handles is Materials/Metallurgical Engineering.
Nickzom Calculator+ solves over 12,500+ calculations in Materials/Metallurgical Engineering and shows the steps, formulas, parameters and answer accurately and comprehensively.

Nickzom Calculator+ handles the following major chapters of Materials/Metallurgical Engineering:

– Crystal Structures
– X-Ray Diffusion
– Imperfection in Solids
– Diffusion in Alloying
– Mechanical Properties
– Deformation
– Fracture
– Phase Transformation
– Ceramics
– Polymer
– Composites
– Corrosion
– Refractories
– Ball Mill Sizing
– Fuel and Furnaces
– Anisotropy
– Electrical Properties
– Thermal Properties
– Magnetic Properties
– Optical Properties
– Material Selection
– Fluidization
– Chemical Reaction Thermodynamics
– Fracture Mechanics
– Polymer Deformation
– X-Ray Crystallography
– Powder Metallurgy
– Mineral Processing
– Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing
– Energy Transport
– Solidification of Metals
– Radiation Heat Transfer
– Mass Transport
– Corrosion
– Fracture Mechanics
– Foundry Technology
– Metal Forming Processes
– Glass Making Technology
– Instrumentation, Measurement and Automation
– Rheology

Within these major topics there are sub topics right up to selections of the various parameters you desire to find.

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