The Calculator Encyclopedia Converts Radiation- Exposure Units in Radiology Unit Conversion

According to Wikipedia,

Radiation exposure is a measure of the ionization of air due to ionizing radiation from photons; that is, gamma rays and X-rays. It is defined as the electric charge freed by such radiation in a specified volume of air divided by the mass of that air.

Nickzom Calculator+ (Professional Version) – The Calculator Encyclopedia converts 7 units of Radiation Exposure which are:

  • Coulombs/kilogram
  • Millicoulombs/kilogram
  • Microcoulombs/kilogram
  • Roentgen
  • Tissue Roentgen
  • Parker
  • Rep

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For the purpose of this post, I will display two different radiation – exposure unit conversions which are:

  • Coulombs/kilogram to Tissue Roentgen
  • Roentgen to Parker

Let’s begin with Coulombs/kilogram to Tissue Roentgen

Access the Calculator Map, scroll to Switches Section

Now, click on Radiology Switches, this would display four unit conversions under Radiology which are:

  • Radiation Switches
  • Radiation – Activity Switches
  • Radiation – Exposure Switches
  • Radiation – Absorbed Dose Switches

For the purpose of this post, click on Radiation – Exposure Switches.

Let’s do how first conversion, which is to convert 50 Coulombs/kilogram to Tissue Roentgen.

Next, we enter the parameters

Once the parameters and values have been fixed appropriately like the ones in the image above, click on Convert.

Result is shown immediately.

Our next conversion is to convert 100 Roentgen to Parker

Navigate back to Radiation – Exposure Switches

Now, enter the values and select the appropriate units for the conversion

Like the previous conversion, when all is set, click on the Convert button.

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