RE: Passion, Purpose and Duty

On a bright Saturday afternoon of November, 2013 I had just finished doing my chores. I was very tired and just wanted to relax with my very entertaining soccer video game. Yes, I am a FIFA guy, FIFA 14 was hot and I was killing the tournament. I was at the finals of the tournament and there was so much pride, joy and contentment at the level I reached on the very tough game.

As I was about to start the finals match, I heard a knock on my door. Behold, it was my younger sister. She always came to me to help her solve her mathematics problems or assignments. She always complained that the teachers are doing magic when it comes to solving math and she gets lost in the steps. I noticed that after a while of helping her that the teachers do skip some steps when solving the math problem assuming that the students know them but alas most do not.

I have already started the game and I decided to joggle the both activities since the math problem she brought was on quadratic equation which is very simple for me as a second year engineering student. In the process of helping her understand how to use the almighty quadratic formula I was scored twice before half time and at half time I was able to have come back with a goal making it 1–2 (Me Versus Computer). I still pressed forward to the next half and along the way I was scored again and I was so angry. I ignored my sister to focus on just the game to know if I could come back. But I was only able to come back with a goal and the finals ended as 2–3 with me losing the tournament. I was so pissed off. I yelled! My sister on the hand was sad I did not aid her understand how to solve her math problem. She left the room unsatisfied.

In the midst of my vex I wished in my mind that there was something like a calculator encyclopedia that she can always use whenever she has a math problem just like a dictionary. No one would disturb you to tell you the meaning of a word. You simply tell them to go and check their dictionary and that’s all. I thought why is there nothing like that for calculations?

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