Nickzom Calculator Calculates Conception and Best Intercourse Dates

According to Wikipedia,

Conception, the beginning of pregnancy involving fertilisation (the fusion of gametes to produce an embryo) and implantation of the embryo onto the uterine wall.

Nickzom Calculator is capable of informing you on the conception date of your baby, due date of the baby and the most probable and possible conception. There are two major parameters that needs to be provided to obtain the required information.

  • First Day of Your Last Period
  • Average Length of Cycles

Nickzom Calculator provides 6 subsequent cycle dates on the following dates:

  • Most Probable Conception Dates
  • Best Intercourse Days
  • Possible Conception Days
  • Estimated Due Date

Nickzom Calculator is the very first calculator encyclopedia to come out from Nigeria. It is capable of solving over 50,000 calculations and presenting the steps (workings). Fortunately, Nickzom Calculator can compute conception and best intercourse dates.

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